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What is Enduro?

Enduro is a discipline of downhill mountain bike racing in which riders are timed on multiple specific sections of trail over the course of a race day. Enduro events consist of multiple timed downhill stages separated by "transfers" where riders must ride up to the beginning of the next stage within a time limit. 

The cumulative times of all the timed downhill stages determine a rider's overall time and finishing position in the event. 

Enduro racing offers technical, but accessible downhill racing at venues without lift-access!


Highlands Enduro:

Highlands Enduro will feature 5 unique timed stages. For people familiar with the area, the stages will be a combination of existing trails with added features, and new trails developed specifically for the race. 


1.  What is Enduro? How does it work?

Enduro racing in the combination of XC and Downhill racing. While typically races happen in areas with lots of elevation (BC, Quebec etc), Highlands Trail Cluster has enough elevation to put on a great enduro, especially for beginners! 

You will ride at your own pace to the start of each timed segment, or stage. Once there, you will punch in your timing chip and race the downhill section, punching out again at the end. Your time will be recorded and you will ride, untimed again, to the start of the next stage. Each stage will take between 3-6 minutes to ride, and your time is added up between all the stages for your final time. The winner is each category is the person with the lowest time.

2. What kind of bike do I need? Do I need any other equipment?

As long as you have a mountain bike you feel confident riding, and is in good working condition, you are good to go! That being said, you may find the course more challenging on a hard tail than on a bike with 170mm of travel. You can consult the YouTube videos (coming soon) of each stage to get a better idea of the type of terrain at Highlands Trail Cluster. 

Helmets are mandatory for the race, and full face helmet is recommended, as well as elbow and knee pads just in case!

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